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My journey

My passion for mental health began 25 years ago when I suffered a bout of extreme postnatal depression and realised the help I needed simply wasn't there. The pills didn't work. In fact they made things worse. What I really needed was to understand how anxiety, depression and emotional ill health can so easily develop. I also needed to learn the kind of effective mind management skills which would be a 'psychological inoculation' against future mental health problems.

When I recovered, I made a decision to find out why I had become so depressed, and made a personal pledge to do something to provide the kind of help I had needed so badly, to prevent others suffering in the same way. I embarked on a long personal and professional journey and, along the way, developed a new approach to health and well-being management I now want to pass on to as many people as possible.

My training began with four years of traditional counselling study, followed by a postgraduate diploma in psychotherapy. I studied cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), hypnotherapy, coaching and cognitive neuroscience. I built up 30,000 hours professional experience which I drew on to evolve a new mental health model  I named Fusion. 

Fusing together the very best skills from the worlds of coaching and counselling had resulted in something so much more powerful than the sum of its parts.  In 2008, encouraged by a GP colleague  who had referred many of her patients to me, I began to deconstruct my own working methods as a brief psychotherapist and coach, in the hope they might be replicable by others.


In doing so, I created both a fast-track training program  and a systemised manual for practitioners.

The big experiment

The  new 'Fusion' model was test bedded for five years in Reclaim  Life, the therapeutic coaching charity, Dr Smith and I founded. The combination of a training program of less than 30 hours, alongside the prescriptive manual which, as precisely as possible, replicated my own working methods, produced client outcomes that would have been the envy of other mental health agencies.  


The concept was blindingly simple, audacious and unique.

That training programme would later become accredited by NCFE as the Fusion Therapeutic Coaching Diploma and Distance Learning Skills Certificate. 

The journey continues

Now I want to pass on the skills of good mind management to as many people as possible, by training trainers from all around the world.

The trainer package will include: 

Everything you need to run Breakthrough work shops with opportunities for additional two and three day programs,  giving you the opportunity to earn an excellent income delivering a quality, tried and tested product from an experienced psychotherapist. 


A comprehensive trainers' manual.

A bespoke and unique Breakthrough PowerPoint presentation.

Training with me personally, taking you through the complete program with the opportunity for follow-up one-to-one coaching and ongoing support.

Links to Fusion national advertising, website, blogging and social networking, ensuring brand awareness.

A Fusion professional networking group.

Access to the Fusion Mind Management

books for your workshop delegates.

Ongoing product and professional development.