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Do you need more therapeutic confidence?

The Fusion Therapeutic Coaching model is a prescriptive five session framework which successfully integrates Human Givens, CBT and traditional counselling in a coaching context.


Having taken a short break from seeing new clients, I began work again and, as I sat down in front of my new client.

I was struck by the confidence and reassurance I felt in having the five session portfolio in front of me. It contained everything I would need for this session and the following four sessions: a first session questionnaire, clinical measures, and a psycho education checklist together with supporting client handouts.


Using the relaxation script as a prompt, I was able to guide my client through some bespoke imagery work and tell an appropriate therapeutic story picking up metaphor she had used in the session and developing it therapeutically. As I explained to a working colleague later, it simply freed up more 'headspace' for me to know that the framework and all the documents were there.


Counsellors often look calm on the surface and yet are highly anxious beneath. A brief therapist has so much to remember. There is an extended professional skill set and high client expectation which can create tension in the session.


We know that the quality of the therapeutic alliance or working relationship between client and therapist is central to successful outcomes. When the therapist is entirely comfortable and confident with their model, the client will benefit and the therapeutic 'sweet spot' for change is achieved.

The Fusion five session framework has been used successfully by the therapeutic coaching charity since 2010. It works. Clinical outcomes support its effectiveness. The coaches like using it and the clients appreciate it.


The next diploma runs from September 2015.



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