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Fusion: a new resilience mental health model

Fusion Therapeutic Coaching is different because it is both a positive and helpful model for mental health and also a system (The STOP System ™ for effective mind management which fills the theory-application gap for both clients and practitioners.

It brings together the core skills of counselling with the motivational tools of coaching in a unique and innovative way.


The Fusion model:

• Uses the SAFE SPACE ‘recipe’ for wellbeing, based on essential human needs.

• Draws on the understanding that our emotions are always trying to help us get those needs met.

• Teaches the mindfulness-based STOP System ™ for improved emotional intelligence, allowing us to accurately tune in to those emotions and respond rationally, rather than react emotionally.

• Provides a session by session practitioner manual with check lists, outcome measures, homework sheets and pre printed client hand outs that support the psycho educational elements.

• Proposes that the skills of therapeutic conversation can be learned in months rather than years, with real implications for large organizations such as the NHS, MOD or schools to train their own in-house resilience coaches.

• Has been test-bedded for five years by a Bedfordshire-based therapeutic coaching charity and enthusiastically received by clients and practitioners with good and effective monitored outcomes.


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