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How you can rewind trauma

When I wrote the book PTSD Resolution, I wanted to shine a light on a quick and easy visualisation exercise that could resolve post traumatic stress symptoms in just one session of therapy.


In this unique fly on the wall account, I relate the true story of a returning veteran who eventually finds the therapeutic helped he needs. The Rewind session is told firstly through his eyes and then from the professional viewpoint, with a detailed explanation and rationale of the Rewind technique with a script for practitioners. I hoped this would encourage more therapists to implement an intervention which is under-used yet very effective.


So I was delighted to hear from my colleague, Dr David Muss, author of the Trauma Trap and originator of Rewind for PTSD, that NICE are looking closely at it as a potentially approved treatment. Here is his e mail:


I am greatly in need to treat asap as many members of the armed forces, active or veterans, as possible.


Why? Because the head of the MOD psychiatrist want to witness me live in action...he could be a determining influence at the forthcoming NICE re-evaluation of their PTSD recommendations. I am happy to treat anywhere in the country, so please think hard, do you know someone in need?


Many thanks, David.

Dr.David C. Muss L.M.S.S.A

Director PTSD Unit, BMI Edgbaston Hospital. Birmingham, UK


If you know a veteran who would like to access Rewind for PTSD completely free of charge, please contact Dr Muss direct on


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