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New Association for Coaching accreditation for 2018

The start of a new professional year is always exciting for me. I like new projects, new ideas and new opportunities and it looks like there will be plenty of those in 2018.

There are 2 new venues for the Diploma and Trainer programmes. They will both be super-fast track over two weekends. Responding to previous feedback, many people tell me they like the idea of immersing themselves in a learning experience and , when you stay away, it also feels like a bit of a holiday, especially when the surroundings are so beautiful.

And, now that mindfulness is such an integral part of the Trainer programme, many participants will be able to use the space for some work on personal as well as professional development. Several Fusion graduates have called the course ‘life changing.’ I know that is true as I’m still in touch with most of them.

The biggest change this year will be the Association for Coaching Accreditation for the training. It’s currently going through the process and was a lot of work to put in place. But I’m pleased I have done all the paperwork as Fusion graduates will find it very straight forward to achieve professional or executive AC coach status post training if that is the road they wish to take.

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