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The secret is out !

Coach-counsellor integration is no longer a guilty secret, thank goodness.

But, until the integrationists ‘came out’, there were many counsellors who felt judged by their supervisors or peers if they admitted to working in a goal-focused or solution-focused way. Just like the early CBT therapists, this was just a sticking plaster we were warned. Only ‘depth psychotherapy’ would have a lasting effect.

A few years later and things have moved on, as more and more understanding about the human brain and mind emerges from the new brain sciences. Modern, proactive mental health interventions are outcome informed and evidence based. We will not return to the dark ages of nodding therapy now. The genie cannot be put back in the bottle.

Anyway, who would want to crush innovation and the evolution of more effective mental health care? BACP are at the vanguard. They are moving forward fast with the promotion of coaching skills for counsellors.

The world of coaching is also on the move, responding to the change which is quite clearly in the air. Now the term ‘holistic coach’ or ‘wellbeing coach’ is becoming more common. 

There is a two way stream of traffic across the bridge of integration, it seems.

Fortunately, whether you are a counsellor looking to integrate coaching tools or a coach looking to deepen counselling skills; if you are a teacher, mentor, doctor, nurse, prison officer, social worker or anyone who works in the helping professions, Fusion training will definitely help you be more effective in your role.

That’s because the Fusion Model is based on the understanding that human beings have certain needs and that it is the role of our emotions to push us towards getting those needs met.

So, if you are working with human beings, no matter what their age, colour, creed, gender or status, they will have the same human needs. This also makes Fusion the ultimate multi cultural model for mental health and wellbeing.

Perhaps someone could tell Theresa May and we could start saving the NHS billions of pounds lost in the out of date and inefficient mental health system currently in place.

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