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Become a Fusion Trainer, Master Trainer or MBMM Master Trainer

Would you like to feel your best, be your best and live your best life? Would you like to have the skills that will really help others become the best version of themselves?

We all have a right to be happy, and we all have a right to the knowledge and understanding to help us get there. Now you can grow your own business, working in the immensely rewarding world of personal development, well-being and resilience as a happiness coach or trainer.

The trainer package includes: 

Everything you need to run Breakthrough work shops with opportunities for additional two and three day programs,  giving you the opportunity to earn an excellent income delivering a quality, tried and tested product from an experienced psychotherapist. 


A comprehensive trainers' manual.

A bespoke and unique Breakthrough PowerPoint presentation.

Training with me personally, taking you through the complete program with the opportunity for follow-up one-to-one coaching and ongoing support.

Links to Fusion national advertising, website, blogging and social networking, ensuring brand awareness.

A Fusion professional networking group.

Access to the Fusion 'little book of mind management' for your workshop delegates.

Ongoing product and professional development.

Fusion Trainers

Can run training workshops, seminars or groups, teaching the skills of wellbeing linked to the STOP System®; a powerful mindfulness-based intervention for emotional regulation

To become a Breakthrough trainer, you will need to complete the Distance Learner Skills Certificate prior to attendance at a Train the Trainer day in Bedfordshire.Distance Learner Skills Certificate (£425) + 1 day Train the Trainer (£150) = Total investment £575

Fusion Master Trainers

In addition to the above, Master Trainers can run Breakthrough’s unique ‘1 day can change your life’ group coaching days or retreats creating excellent income opportunities whilst helping people take a uniquely holistic view of their lives.

To become a Fusion Master Trainer, you will need to attend the 5 day Diploma training which runs in Lancashire in August or in Bedfordshire from September. Fast track Diploma (£1495) + 2 day Train the Trainer (£300) =Total investment £1495

Fusion Mindfulness Based Mind Management (MBMM) Master Trainers

Mindfulness is all about focus.It is the brain-training exercise that strengthens the mental muscle of the pre frontal cortex, the seat of our executive control.

It’s certainly a powerful mind management tool. The Fusion programme makes new and critical links with cutting edge neuroscience such as epigenetics, mapping the connectome and polyvagal theory. When people understand just why it works, why wouldn’t they spend 5,10 or 15 minutes a day simply sitting in the presence of their own thoughts? ‘Show me the evidence base’ is the modern mantra. And why not?

Knowledge is power after all. Most people do not want a mental health diagnosis. They simply want an explanation for what's going on in their heads and a practical strategy for feeling better their best as soon as possible, restoring hope.

'Hi there, I’m Di.

I discovered Fusion therapeutic coaching when I needed it most. When personal circumstances left me with mental and emotional issues I was lucky enough to find Frances Masters, Fusion has quite literally changed my life!  

Having studied traditional counselling some years ago I was left feeling disappointed that I had not been taught how to help my clients move forward with their lives, I was so disillusioned I abandoned my dream of becoming a counsellor and followed an alternative career path.  

My personal Fusion experience provided a real ‘light bulb’ moment for me, this was what my counselling training had been missing and I went on to complete the diploma in Fusion therapeutic coaching.  

I am passionate about my work, having experienced the mental and emotional trauma of depression when I was least expecting it made me determined to use my experience to help others. '

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