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It's fair to say I'm an action person. I'm opinionated and I am critical of our current approach to mental health, happiness and wellbeing.

My journey began 25 years ago when I suffered severe post natal depression and realised the help I needed simply wasn't there. The pills didn't work. In fact they made things worse.

After I recovered, I made a pledge to understand how emotional problems can ruin lives and what we could do to prevent it. I began with four years of counselling training, followed by a postgraduate diploma in psychotherapy. I studied cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), hypnotherapy, coaching and cognitive neuroscience.

Along the way, I built up 30,000 hours professional experience and created a new happiness and resilience programme called 'Fusion.' I also wrote a book about how to resolve post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), founded a therapeutic coaching charity and trained its volunteers.

That training would later become the nationally accredited Fusion Therapeutic Coaching Diploma and Distance Learning Skills Certificate.

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If you want an article written, or someone who can comment with insight, knowledge and gravity on: mental health, post natal depression, self harm, suicide, children's emotional wellbeing, stress, fears and phobias, addiction, resolving PTSD or the current state of mental health, please contact my pa on 07841 367334 or via the contact form below. 

Psychotherapist Sue Harper says: 'Since training as a Fusion Therapeutic Coach I have never looked back.

Because it 'fuses' several key therapeutic techniques; person centred counselling, CBT and Human Givens Psychotherapy in a solution focused coaching frame work, it offers a huge tool bag of skills to use with a wide variety of clients with differing psychological issues.

Most people (especially teenagers whose brains are the most vulnerable to bad influences and most receptive to good ones) absolutely revel in the psycho-educational element. It teaches all clients, no matter their age, to look for solutions, not problems and to look to the future and not dwell on the past.'


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