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PTSD Resolution: Reclaiming Life from Trauma £10.49
Paperback, 209 Pages
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  This book is a unique fly on the wall account of a complete therapy session which aims to de-traumatise an arm veteran whose life is being destroyed by PTSD.
Post traumatic stress can now be effectively resolved using psychotherapeutic techniques which calm emotional arousal and integrate traumatic memories into life narrative.
Surprisingly, it has taken over three years to produce something that I am comfortable for others to see.
It is somewhat unusual for a psychotherapist to deconstruct and reproduce their work in this way and I have done it with the intention of normalising the therapeutic process and the treatment of PTSD in particular.
My sincere hope is that it will be useful to sufferers of post traumatic stress, their friends and relatives and that it will also be useful to other therapists who are interested by this therapeutic model.
My thanks go out to all those people who have helped and supported me along the way and to those who have taught me the most, my clients.

Book PTSD Resolution: Reclaiming Life from Trauma

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